Welcome to our site.

This is our personal and family web site. We plan on posting about the things that we like, things about The Wright Family, and things about our hobbies.

I live in small town america (the middle of nowhere…out in the sticks…) with my wonderful wife Sandra and two boys Austin and Teddy. I currently don’t work as I have had a rough couple months. I had surgery on my left arm in February and then had a heart attack just about a month later. So I am doing all kinds of rehab to get as close to normal as I can(whatever that means…).

My wonderful wife Sandy works for the local day care and enjoys our boys, getting out doors, coloring (adult coloring books… lol), and spending time with friends.

We are part of our local Lutheran Church and enjoy serving God on a daily basis. Sandy is a Sunday school teacher and I am the head of the Tech Team. I am also a council member and we both volunteer as much as we can. Sandy, Austin and I are also all proud brothers and sisters in Christ in “Northern Light Via de Cristo”. We love serving on team and enjoy the feeling of watching others enjoy these Awesome spiritual weekends.

We hope you enjoy our posts and keep coming back.

Thank you for visiting.