Welcome to The Wright Project.

The Wright Project is our new Ministry!

We are a small family who has been called to a new ministry. We are currently looking into finding a mini bus to convert into a small home so we can travel and spread God’s love. We are looking into finding places that we can volunteer to help others and share what little we have in resources and skills with those that need our help.

We live in small town america (the middle of nowhere…out in the sticks…), as a family of three. Myself, my wife Sandra, and our son Teddy. I currently work at our Church, St. John’s Lutheran Church, LCMC, here in Gillett, WI. I am the Tech Director and have been taking care of the Churches audio and video needs for some time now. Sandra is a child care professional, and Teddy is in school. Our other son Austin has a good job and is working on finding a home for himself.

I also provide web services, networking, and Live Streaming services to those in need of those services.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, or advice….

Thank you for visiting.