Photography has been a huge part of my life for many, many years.
I started getting into photography when I was about 13 and lived in Milwaukee. Back then I used whatever camera we could find that we could afford. When I was about 16, I got my first slr. It was a Pentax K-1000. I loved that camera and had it for many years. I would still have it today if I hadn’t needed to sell it to pay the bills…

As I progressed in my learning, I started to actually get jobs taking pictures for people. I used to shoot birthday parties and family get togethers. I did a few portraits and some artistic stuff. Nothing really made much money back then.

Now I use a digital Canon camera. I love what I can do with it, but again there is not really any money in it these days either. I mostly shoot stuff for my own use, but I do get a job shooting an event here and there. I wish I could get more paid jobs, but I guess that’s not supposed to be my career. Anyway, I am happy doing the things I do and shooting the photos I shoot. It takes me away from the nasty part of the real world sometimes. And we all need that sometimes, don’t we?


As of December 2012, I no longer have my Canon camera. I sold it to buy a few presents for my boys for Christmas. 🙁 I am still taking pictures, it’s just with my iPhone now. It works pretty good and makes you think a little more about your composition because you have fewer options and fewer pixels to work with.