This is my second favorite hobby, Electronics. There are so many wonderful things you can make with electronic components. I have been into electronics since the mid 80’s and the technology just keeps getting more and more interesting and easier to work with.

One of the newest things I’ve found is SchmartBoards. This is a company that has developed a prototyping board called the SchmartBoard/EZ. These boards have pre-tinned pads for you to place your SMT device onto and then you use a fine tip soldering iron to heat the solder in the pads and slide the tip toward the component leg to flow the solder to the leg. That’s all it takes to solder SMT devices. Some boards then adapt to a standard breadboard pinout where others have thru-hole contacts filling the rest of the board to build your circuit on.

Here is a video explaining the SchmartBoard Concept. Enjoy.

SchmartBoard Demo

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