About Me

My name is Daniel Wright. I live in Gillett with my wife, Sandy, and my son, Theodore. Sandy works for the day care center in town and I am a stay at home dad.
I was the main wage earner most of our relationship until we decided to home school our son Austin. That is when I quit the business I was running at the time. It was not doing very well any way.
Now we have our little Teddy bear to take care of, so I am still a stay at home dad. I can’t believe how big he is getting. He is now 5 years old and almost as tall as Sandy… lol

I am trying to find some home based business I can start to help provide for the family again, but it is soooo hard to do anything in this economy. I keep praying that the right opportunity will present itself soon.

I enjoy photography the most, but I am a long time electronics enthusiast as well. I am working with micro controllers at this time and have a special project I am trying to complete.
I also enjoy camping and hiking with my family as well as bike riding and motorsports.

I am an integral part of our churches A/V ministry and tech ministry. We just installed a large upgrade to our sound system. It has made a wonderful improvement in our audio capabilities. God has blessed us indeed.

*** UPDATE 2016-09-27 ***
We have now installed 3 cameras in church and broadcast our 8:00am service every Sunday. Check the web site for the link. Clockchurch.org

That is all for now. Thank you for your interest.